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There once was a young group called GASBAGS
Who all in their forties were ‘fit as’
But as the years wore on
And the aches and pains grew strong
They slowed to the pace of old grandads

With a combined age I can’t count
And an average that’s starting to mount
The rides have grown shorter
The stops have grown longer
And the guzzling is fizzling out

A crisis we fear is in hand
Father time is dribbling his sand
With no new young members
The future is in embers
However the lewis’ have a plan

New recruits are required that is clear
But hope is in hand do not fear
For drastic action has been taken
To secure the future of our gasbags nation
With a new recruit next May, coming here!

Yes a bet for fifty pounds with Paul G
That by the age of 34 pregnant I would be
Did not cause us to fret
As our planning was perfect
As 34 and 21 days I was actually.

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